Natural Pain TreatmentAre you looking for natural back pain treatment? 80% of Americans experience back pain at some point in their lives. Many of you live with chronic back pain and lose tens of hours of your lives hurting.

For many patients, natural back pain treatment can be a combination of:

1 Adjusting your workspace – Are your shoulders perpetually hunched over a computer? Many Americans are taking on the appearance of a modern-day hunchback. Shoulders rolled forward, a chair that’s not the right height, your computer monitor being too low—all of these can contribute to neck and back pain.

Ideally, your monitor is at eye level. Your arms, wrists and backs are supported by your chair. You may need an ergonomic keyboard or a back support in your chair. If any of these are set-up incorrectly, you might want to look at moving your desk and its components around. Alternatively you could also look into purchasing some new products that can help you sit with a more comfortable posture, such as this 32 inch computer monitor to make viewing easier, for example.

2 MassageRegular massage can help relieve back pain and when used in conjunction with chiropractic care, it can make a huge difference. The reason is simple; chiropractic adjustments manipulate your joints while massage manipulates your muscles. One complements the other.

3 Regular chiropractic careChiropractic adjustments are natural back pain treatment. It’s common for bones to be out of alignment. When they are, they can cause pressure on nerves or organs which can lead to back pain. When your chiropractor adjusts your spine everything is back into place.

Of course, most people’s bodies have adjusted to the “out of place” bones and they’ll creep back. Massage helps your muscles re-adjust to their “rightful” place.

Dr. Jeff McQuaite always welcomes new patients with an X-ray to see where the problems lie. Then, he usually offers a treatment plan that includes hot and cold therapy plus electric muscle treatment (lying on the table with the electric sensors delivering steady buzzing feeling on your sore muscles.)

Most patients enjoy the stem cell treatment and find it relaxes them.

You deserve natural back pain treatment. If you’re in the Central Bucks County area, try Dr. McQuaite and feel relief. Crawl-ins are always accepted.