Treatment for Neck Pain and Stiffness

End Neck Pain Caused by Stress with a Chiropractic Treatment

Back and neck pain affect roughly 80% of Americans at some point. The causes range from genetic issues to injury, to disease and stress.

Some of the potential causes of neck pain:

• Long hours at the computer

• Overhead work like painting ceilings

• Stress can all give you a stiff neck.

• Sleeping position

• Pillows/mattress

• A/C or open windows

• Sports

• Playing instruments like the violin, the guitar

As you can see, there are many possible reasons your neck can feel stiff and hurt.

Your neck houses one of the most important parts of your spine – the cervical spine.

Nerves that control movement of the entire body, including organs, all have to pass through the cervical spine at the neck to reach their destinations, which explains why severe neck injuries result in either death or paraplegia.

There are more nerves traveling through, under, and across different neck muscles than any other body part. Your neck is sensitive!

Your neck also allows your head to be able to twist left and right, up and down. However, sleeping “wrong”, repetitive motions and constant stress can take a toll and you may find yourself with neck pain.

If you’re in the Doylestown, PA. area, Dr. McQuaite can offer you an effective treatment for neck pain and stiffness.

The Long Term Results of Chronic Neck Pain

If you ignore this pain, you may find yourself in worse shape.

Chronic tension in the neck muscles can build up and lead to muscle tightness, which in turn causes muscle shortening and formation of fibrotic scar tissue.

Long-term this can lead to arthritis or disc problems in the neck. Any prolonged limited range of motion of the neck, because of pain avoidance, poor posture or stress-induced poor breathing patterns, all lead to chronic tension in the neck. Finding the right Neck Pain Treatment can reduce any chances of a sore neck developing into a more serious condition.

Your Fingers Connect with Your Neck

Nerves that leave the cervical spine at the neck form a bundle that travels through the front chest, shoulder, elbow to hand. Your entire arm movement from shoulders to fingers originates in your neck.

This is why many types of nerve pain in the arms, forearms or hands have its origin in the neck. Only when the origin of the problems are found and resolved can the nerve pain be completely healed.

Our postures affect neck muscles. As a nation, we have become so sedentary that prolonged sitting and working at workstations becomes a major pattern of daily life. Unfortunately, our bodies are not built for this lifestyle that promotes poor balance of the neck muscles, shoulder muscles, chest muscles and much more.


Neck pain goes hand in hand with headaches. People who suffer from headaches frequently also suffer from neck pain, this is because neck muscle problems often refer pain somewhere else, which means, a problem in one muscle gives you pain elsewhere.

For the neck, this type of referred pain can appear as a headache, and can also be referred to the mid-back, the shoulders, and down the arms as well.

How We Help

As you see, there is far more to neck problems than just simple pain. There are so many reasons for neck pain that no simple cookie-cutter treatment will guarantee the help you need for your specific neck problem.

If you suffer from neck pain and you live in Central Bucks call us today for an in depth chiropractic examination and analysis in our Doylestown office. We will create a treatment program tailor made to your specific needs and give you the tools to remain pain free.

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