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Our motto has always been “Old fashioned care and concern in a modern world.” We design everything around the way we expect to be treated. This is why we created our Complimentary Consultation. Our consultation is a conversation – NOT a commitment. Our complementary consultation isn’t just a nice gesture, we feel that a necessary and responsible part of understanding a person’s health is getting to know the person in front of us and not just their problem. It is here where you get to learn about us and we get to learn about you and your condition. There is no commitment, high pressure sales, or “special offers” to entice you, but we will most certainly sit down and have a one on one conversation before we begin our relationship. That is our commitment to our prospective patients.

When you visit our practice for an initial consultation, two things will happen:

  • We will actually listen to you, get to know you, and learn what your health concerns or goals are.
  • You will get to know us, and how we may be able to help you achieve better health, and ultimately, a better life.

Following your consultation with Dr. McQuaite, you will have the opportunity to have your exam immediately, or at a future date/time of your choosing.