Allergies and Asthma

Wheezing, Sniffling, Sneezing. No, these are not some of the dwarves, but just a few of the many symptoms that local allergy sufferers experience this time of year.

Treat Allergies and Asthma With Chiropractic Care

25% of the Central Bucks population suffers from allergies. A walk in the park, a shrimp dinner, a tiny peanut or even your pet can cause your eyes to tear up and your head to grow foggy. Dogs can actually be one of the leading causes of allergies, meaning that sufferers have to take extra care when they’re around their beloved pets. Often, allergies can be reduced by regular cleaning of the house. Some people find it useful to check these reviews of the best carpet cleaner for pets to ensure they have the most effective device to eliminate any pet hair or dander that may be stuck in the carpet and causing these allergies. However, there are multiple other factors that may play a part in allergies.

As you may have experienced, sometimes a person’s allergic reactions can go from just plain irritating to dangerous and life-threatening as the air passageway constricts and breathing becomes a problem. It’s no wonder this can cause a state of panic. Especially as you start to enter into your senior years, shortness of breath can potentially be very dangerous and lead to the same sense of panic which can also be very detrimental for an older person. If you suffer from asthma or heart failure you might be in need of a portable oxygen concentrator. Unfortunately, those don’t come in very cheap but you might be able to rent the equipment at some places. Especially if you don’t expect to need one for a longer period of time, renting might be a better option, especially in allergy season or when you feel like your breathing is becoming more laboured than normal. In terms of prevention, if you have a pollen allergy you have probably been staying indoors where possible and if you have dog hair allergies you probably have an air filter. In both cases, the chances are you take antihistamines, but have you thought about seeing a Chiropractor?

Seasonal Allergies Chiropractor

Why Allergies?

You may question why is it that other people appear to be so unaffected by the environment, while your body reacts, or rather overreacts to it. It’s a valid question.

Allergic responses are caused by a hyperactive immune system that “freaks out” when confronted with commonplace foods and other products such as pollen, dust, dander, shellfish or nuts.

Can Chiropractic Help ?

Have you been wondering if chiropractic can help with your allergies or asthma?

Robert Mendelsohn, M.D., Northwestern University Medical College: “Traditional medicine has no cure for allergies, only treatment” and “You can depend on most doctors to largely ignore the cause…unfortunately, their treatment is often worse than the disease, especially since the relatively safe folk measures of yesteryear have been replaced by the sophisticated, dangerous drugs of modern medicine.”

Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research: A study of 81 asthmatic children, 73 showed significant improvement after chiropractic adjustments, 25 voluntarily decreased their medication by an average of 67% and others were shown to have increased lung volume after chiropractic care. Another study showed that patients with chronic pulmonary disease, 90% reported improvement after spinal manipulations.

The fact is that many people have experienced relief from their allergy symptoms after receiving a chiropractic treatment. The reason why, however, may surprise you because chiropractors don’t actually treat allergies! The reason for this is because chiropractic manipulations affects the complete nervous system, including the autoimmune system. When there is an impedance in the nervous system, along with other problems, the autoimmune system, whose job it is to assist us in adapting and responding appropriately to our environment, can be underactive or overactive. The problem is the latter when it comes to your allergies.

Because chiropractic manipulations lessen or remove disturbances in the nervous system and bring the body back into balance and harmony, the treatment provides that same balance and harmony to the auto-immune system as well. A healthy immune system reacts appropriately to supposed allergens in the environment…….

……….Stop suffering with allergies and asthma and stop in today for a consultation.

Seasonal Allergies