Success Stories

We value our patients’ experience at McQuaite Chiropractic Center. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Jeff McQuaite

I lived with severe agonizing back pain for over two years. My family kept telling me to go see Dr. Jeff but I was too scared to go. Finally the pain got so bad I couldn’t stand it anymore and finally went in. I’m so glad I did. Within 4 weeks I am completely pain free. Why oh Why did I wait so long? If you are suffering from back pain you need to see Dr. McQuaite.

– J.D.,Doylestown

Never have I met such a kind and caring doctor before. Visiting your office is always someting I look forward to. I’ve learned so much from you since the first visit! I am constantly watching my posture and practicing everything you suggested. Thank you for caring so much about your patients, as I am sure you are the same with every single one. Thank you and I will see you soon!

– L.A., Jamison

Thank you for the great treatment for my sinuses! I can still hardly believe that I felt 100%  the very next day! I am truly amazed! I appreciate your excellent service and always look forward to my chiropractic adjustments and especially Ariel’s wonderful massage therapy! Thanks again!

– M.S.,Furlong

I had been suffering for years with headaches, tried everything and everyone.  Finally, I decided to listen to my friend who referred me to Dr. Jeff, and after 2 weeks, my headaches were GONE!

– D.F., Warrington

My golf game was suffering and my back and neck were killing me!  After treating with Dr. Jeff for several adjustments and massages, my pain was gone and have dropped 3 strokes from my game. I continue to go for maintenance; both for my body and game. Thanks Doc!

– A.S., Doylestown

I was working in the yard on a Saturday and my back “went out” on me. My wife had to help into the house.  I called Dr. McQuaite, expecting to leave a message to set an appointment for Monday.  I was shocked when he called me back and told me to meet him at the office in about an hour, he would be going pass the office on his way to a wedding.  I was able to take my wife to dinner that night!

–F.P., Doylestown

I was told by my surgeon that I was candidate for surgery due to the herniated discs in my spine.  I thought that was my only hope…until I saw Dr. Jeff.    Well, that was 5 years ago and I continue to feel great and still have not scheduled the surgery!

– G.M., Chalfont