neck pain chiropractorCrash! Do you hear the sounds of metal on metal or feel the impact of a car crash first? No matter which, a car accident can cause you to feel achy the next few days even if you’re not hurt. It can also jerk your neck severely which causes whiplash. It is one of many unfortunate side effects of being in a car accident.

Did you know long hours at the computer can hurt your neck? If you spend hours looking down at a monitor (rather than straight ahead) you’re putting 10-12 pounds of strain on your neck because that’s how heavy your head is. Imagine hanging a bowling ball (or two) around your neck, that’s the equivalent of what you’re doing when you spend hours looking down at a monitor.

What neck injury treatment will alleviate your pain? Massage can help and over the counter painkillers like Ibuprofen (in the short term). For long term pain relief, chiropractic treatment can reduce pain because your chiropractor will re align your spine (including your neck) which takes the pressure off nearby nerves.

How to Treat Your Neck Injury with Chiropractic Treatment

Here’s a sample visit with Dr. Jeff McQuaite in Doylestown. When you come in, he’ll ask you a few questions about your neck injury and conduct an X-ray. Based on the X-ray and your medical history, he’ll recommend a treatment plan.

See, chiropractic care re aligns your spinal column and often, the primary reason you’re dealing with neck pain in the first place is that bones and/or ligaments are out of alignment.

When your neck is jerked violently about, it strains your neck muscles and tendons creating a sprain. It can even lead to a “slipped disc” in your neck because the ligaments can be torn. All of this is as painful as it sounds. Your neck will be stiff and hurt.

Like Humpty Dumpty, chiropractic care will put you back to together again. Your chiropractic neck injury treatment will soothe inflamed tendons by removing the pressure on them and your chiropractor can make recommendations on care.

If your neck pain seems to stem from logging too many hours in front of the computer or you’re suffering with “text neck”, then look at your computer set up. You likely need a more ergonomic work space. Get that sorted to take the strain off your neck and get spinal adjustments will realign your neck, spine and arm.

Your chiropractor will work out a treatment plan for you so you get the care you need. Are you in the Doylestown area? Stop by and see Dr. Jeff Mcquaite, he has a great new patient plan.