Should You Go with Chiropractic Care or Traditional Medicine?

Low Back PainMost people suffer with low back pain at some point in their lives. You’re probably one of them. Maybe you suffer from low back pain because you sit too long or you’ve had an injury. You might be coping OK after an injury but it’s still important to get help with the costs of your care by enlisting someone like this personal injury lawyer springfield il, if you’ve been injured by someone else. Then at least you have less to worry about as you handle your back pain. In some cases the back pain can be incredibly debilitating, rendering it painful to sit or stand for even short periods of time. From taking medication to ease the pain and seeing a chiropractor, to using something as simple as a meditation cushion for back pain, hopefully you find a solution to help manage these symptoms a lot better than before. It can be a lot of anyone to deal with, but it is important to know that there is pretty much a solution to anything you’re going through.

Back pain affects nearly everyone at some time. Ford Motors found employees� back pain cost the company $80-$90 million a year, mostly from disability payments.

It�s clear this is a problem.

If you�re suffering with low back pain, you may have tried steroid shots, loaded up on pain meds and you may be considering surgery. Yet, before you head into surgery, you may want to take a step back and review other options first. There�s mounting evidence that an integrated approach of massage, acupuncture and chiropractic care can help you faster and more effectively. Australia has so many great physiotherapists, Healthfix Physios in Sydney get you back to health faster, so if you are ever in Australia and fancy taking care of your body then they are the best people to get in contact with!

Even many doctors say back surgery typically takes weeks or months of recovery time and doesn�t often work.

On the other hand, a natural approach like chiropractic care can relieve your low back pain quickly and effectively. A recent study in the prestigious journal Spine reported that study participants experienced better results with chiropractic care for their low back pain. They could move easier and decreased their pain with the first treatment in some cases.

Traditional Medical Approach to Low Back Pain

The traditional approach is to recommend regular steroid shots. The idea is that the epidural steroid injections reduce inflammation. In some patients they work just fine. In others, they don�t work at all.

Sometimes, doctors recommend surgery. That�s a process that can leave you bedridden for weeks as you recover. And, it still doesn�t get rid of the pain.

An Integrated Approach

Meanwhile, evidence is piling up that for many patients, using acupuncture, massage and chiropractic treatments may offer more relief.

In a 2009 paper presented at a the Institute of Medicine Summit says healthcare saved millions on unnecessary back surgeries when people used chiropractic care.

In Doylestown, Pa, Dr. Jeff McQuaite treats patients with low back pain.