According to Harvard Medical School, roughly 40% of people experience sciatic pain in their lives. Like many aches and pains, it can worsen as you get older. You might feel pain when part of the nerve is pinched, you have a herniated disc, other irritation. 

Sciatica affects different people in different ways. 

Some people feel it in one or both of their legs. Others feel it in their lower back. You might feel a tingling sensation, feel numb, or have a throbbing pain that makes it painful to stand and live your life.

If you know you have sciatica, then you want to find pain relief and you might wonder if a chiropractor for sciatica can help. 

How a Chiropractor Helps Sciatica in Bucks County, Pa. 

Chiropractic care can help relieve painful sciatica safely and gently without surgery. As you may know, chiropractic treatments offer natural pain relief so you can feel better and get on with your life. 

First, of course, we want to make sure you do have sciatica. When you visit our office, we’ll discuss your medical history and take an x-ray to assess your spinal health. 

Then, we’ll make a recommendation that fits your condition. In addition to chiropractic treatments, we may also recommend massage therapy, hot and cold therapy, ultrasound, or even spinal decompression.

Massage therapy works well in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments because it loosens up the muscles and releases endorphins. Endorphins are your body’s natural painkillers. The combination is terrific for helping your body heal. 

Additionally, since chiropractic adjustments basically “put things back” where they’re supposed to be massage therapy is helpful because those looser muscles are more accepting of the adjustment. 

You may know, the chiropractic adjustment releases trapped nerves and align your spinal cord, vertebrae discs, and ligaments. Designed to improve your mobility, chiropractic care uses gentle pressure and spinal manipulation so you can feel better and your body can heal. 

In some cases, we’ll recommend other therapies too. In our Doylestown, Pa., office we have many tools to help you relieve sciatic pain. For example, many of our patients like the TENS machine (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). It stimulates the nerves and reduces muscle spasms and pain. We also regularly use ultrasound therapy to relax tight muscles. 

Spinal Decompression May Help

As you age, your spinal discs can become thinner and drier. Sometimes, that means your spine compresses. Chiropractors have specific techniques designed to lengthen your spine which relieves nerve compression. 

Lifestyle Changes Will Also Help

Chiropractors can help with sciatica pain relief in both the short and long term. We can also help you make modifications in your life that will also help. That may mean changing the way you sit or sleep and getting more exercise. 

Living a sedentary lifestyle makes sciatica worse. You can embark on a walking program to improve your health and also yoga stretches will help your sciatica. You’ll also want to strengthen your core because a strong core helps support your back which can help with pain relief.

Ultimately, yes, a chiropractor for sciatica may be able to help you. If you’re tired of suffering with sciatic pain, please contact McQuaite Chiropractic at 267-247-7000 for a consultation.