Chiropractic for MigrainesA new study says so.

According to Jahangiri JN, Vatankhah N, and Baradaran HR, medical researchers at the Research Institute for Endocrine Sciences, found that a combination of spinal manipulation (chiropractic care) and gentle massage cut migraine pain of the study participants from a level of 5 on the 1-10 pain scale to a .5.

And it happened in just one session!

That sounds pretty good don’t you think?

A separate study adds more credibility. This 2000 study found chronic migraine sufferers who participated in two months of chiropractic treatment lessened their migraines by 90%!

As you may know, sleeping problems, tension and even certain foods are some of the leading causes of migraine headaches.

Yet, it’s a simple practice of readjusting the spine and neck that relieves some of that tension—no matter the cause. A massage will help even more because it relaxes your upper back muscles where so much of that tension lays.


Painkillers Can Increase Your Number of Migraines

Did you know that using prescription painkillers for migraines may actually increase the frequency of your headaches?

They’re called “rebound headaches” and are brought on by overusing painkillers.

It works like this: You feel a headache coming on so you take a painkiller. After a while, you feel the pain return so you take another. It turns into a cycle and the drugs lose their effectiveness and can become dangerous. This is true even for simple over the counter remedies like ibuprofen.

Instead, of falling into this trap from which there is no relief, you can schedule an appointment with your chiropractor and massage therapist.

If you’re in the Central Bucks County area, Dr. Jeff McQuaite is conveniently located right in Doylestown. He also has a massage therapist on staff. You can combine both therapies with one visit. Chances are, you’ll feel relief from your migraine pain!