Cortisone Shots for Back PainIf you’ve been getting cortisone shots for back pain and you don’t feel pain relief, it may not be your imagination.

A recent study presented at the International Spine Invention Society Annual Meeting found that only about 34% of patients who receive these injections feel any relief.

Also called epidural steroid injections (ESIs), these shots are commonly used to reduce inflammation caused by sciatica and herniated discs but they don’t work in the majority of patients.

The reason they don’t work is unclear. Plus, The Department of Orthopedic Surgery says using corticosteroid injections can weaken bones and reduce your calcium levels.

A recent study found even more shocking news.

If you’re having the injections in the lumbar area rather than the cervical spine region, they can increase your risk for vertebrae fracture by 21%. That’s 21% every time you get an injection!

That’s a high risk for something that has such a low rate of benefit.

What Are Cortisone Shots Anyway?

Your body naturally produces cortisone when you’re stressed. Back injuries, which are most often caused by trip and fall accidents amazingly, always result in a lot of inflammation. Your spine is an incredibly important part of your anatomy so these natural reactions are designed to protect it. Cortisone is a natural steroid that reduces this inflammation so you’re in less pain. Ideally, the injections reduce inflammation thereby reducing your pain.

Many people suffering with back pain have multiple shots and don’t feel relief at all or only feel relief for a few weeks. They’re an expensive option for something that may not work and that may have dangerous side effects. Additionally, studies show if they do work in the short-term, you may only find relief for a few weeks or months.

You deserve better.

Alternative Treatments

Your goal is be pain free. By reducing inflammation naturally through a series of chiropractic adjustments, we can help you reach that goal.

Chiropractic care helps reduce inflammation because we re-align your spine which is the life line of your body. Your spine has 31 pairs of nerves in it. If you’re suffering with sciatica or a herniated disc, your spine can be putting pressure on one or more of those nerves which causes pain and inflammation. When we re-align your spine, we take the pressure off. Basically, it’s a natural way to reduce inflammation.

If you’re in the Central Bucks region, give us a call. We can re-align your spine and help you find pain relief. Conveniently located in Doylestown, Pa. we have a new patient special.