Chiropractic CareLet me guess, you’re eager to experience natural pain relief and get off the roller coaster of meds.

Am I right?

Maybe your chronic pain hasn’t responded to prescription medication or you’d rather try a natural pain relief approach.

Chiropractic care may be the right fit for you. Recognized by millions of happy patients and venerable institutions like Harvard Health, regular chiropractic treatments can relieve your pain.

And it does it naturally.

Chronic pain like sciatica, carpal tunnel, or even headaches are caused by inflammation which is your body’s healing process. Basically, when you have pain, it’s your body sending you a message that there’s a problem.

Of course, your body also takes action to heal the pain.

Think back to the last time you had a paper cut. You know how it’s red and throbs around the cut? That’s your body’s white blood cells rushing in like the firefighters to save the day. Like the fireman will release the water hose on a burning building, your body releases chemicals to kill any potential infection. That works great in case of broken bones and yes, even paper cuts. After all, you don’t want to get a nasty parasite.

The problem comes when your body keeps dousing these chemicals in a troubled area. Then you get chronic inflammation which is problem that research indicates leads to serious health conditions like heart disease 

Some people find that taking pain relief supplements could help ease the pain for a while but you probably don’t want to become reliant on them.

How Chiropractic Care Provides Natural Pain Relief

Chiropractic treatment has the goal of eliminating the causes of chronic pain because it’s your chiropractor’s job to keep your body in alignment. When your body is aligned, you’re not putting undue pressure on certain muscles or nerves.

Yet, your habits – posture, sitting, and even sleeping – can work against you and keep you in pain. Think about how many hours a day you spend hunched over a computer – that creates a huge amount of tension in your neck and shoulders.

No wonder you feel tense!

When your chiropractor adjusts your spine, he or she is putting quick pressure on specific vertebrae to help them return to their rightful place. That means the adjustment takes the pressure off your nerves so they aren’t screaming in pain.

Also called “spinal manipulation”, your chiropractor is careful to only adjust one spinal joint at a time while keeping the others still.

Whether you’re suffering from headaches, low back pain or other problems, regular chiropractic care can be the key to natural pain relief. Dr. Jeff McQuaite in Doylestown, Pa. treats children and adults. Have you seen his new patient special?