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Ease Your Lower Back Pain with a Warrington Chiropractor

Lower back pain affects millions of people. Whether it’s from overzealous exercising or the type of chronic back pain that you leaves you bedridden on occasion, you can find relief with chiropractic care.

Your Back is Complex

More than 30 bones, tissues, ligaments and 50 nerve endings coordinate to create your spine and keep you moving. If one (or more) of those are out of alignment, you can feel it.

Discs can “slip” causing pain that radiates down your leg because it’s affecting a nerve. Nerves can be “pinched” causing a similar pain.

Plus, as you age, you become more susceptible to lower back pain. It’s a natural part of aging that your body produces less synovial fluid to lubricate the bones. As a result, you can feel a painful “grinding” in your back from your bones rubbing together.

Another natural part of aging is that your discs become less flexible. Each of these can be treated successfully with chiropractic care.

As a Warrington chiropractor, I’ve helped hundreds of your neighbors find relief from lower back pain. When you come to my office, we start with a series of X-rays to determine the source of the pain. After we’ve conducted a thorough medical history, you’ll experience your first adjustments and set you up on a schedule. I’ll recommend heat and cold therapy for your chronic lower back pain between visits. Ice helps reduce inflammation and heat relaxes the muscles and increases blood flow in the painful area.

Relief Can Be Quick
While it’s different for everyone, many people feel pain relief with the first visit. You’ll enjoy a greater range of mobility in your lower back.

By adjusting your spine so it’s in alignment, you’ll reduce the pressure on your body so you feel better overall. The recently named best chiropractor can treat your pain and help your body heal itself.

Stop suffering with lower back pain and make an appointment with your Warrington chiropractor today.