supercharge your immune system

Photo by Filip Bunkens on Unsplash

Do you feel over-extended this time of year and your immune system is low? It’s common. There are work-related holiday gatherings, kids’ programs, and all manner of social invites. Sometimes, it can seem like you’re on a treadmill frantically wrapping gifts and rushing to this or that event around Bucks County and into Philadelphia.

Next thing you know, you or a family member have picked up a cold or the flu. While there’s no substitution for rest and getting enough sleep it’s tough to prioritize those things until it’s too late.

Here are 7 Ways to Supercharge Your Immune System

From supplements to squeezing in a chiropractic appointment or three, making time for healthcare will help you and your family feel your best.

1- Vitamin C is a tried and true supplement -Take it in capsule form and/or increase your dosage via one of those powdered forms like the “Emergency C” to boost your health. Most adults can go as high as 2000 mg a day for a short time. Children are less and it depends on size/age and general health.

2-Wash your hands – Your mother was right. Wash your hands before you eat. It’s common sense and yet gets tricky when you’re at a stand up gathering shaking hands with people and surrounded by finger food. Depending on the situation, you may opt to put a plate in one hand and a drink in the other, not eat until later, or use a cocktail napkin to put a tasty tidbit in your mouth.

Fortunately, more people are adopting new habits that don’t require hand shaking as much which lessens the social pressure.

3- Wipe down door handles – Since so many germs are spread via hands, it makes sense to wipe down door handles and anything else that a lot of people touch. Whether at home, work, or public places. Fortunately, the grocery stores around Doylestown started offering disposable wipes for the grocery cart handles years ago. We recommend using them.

 4- Get regular treatments – Many people don’t realize that chiropractic treatments can boost your immunity, but they can. The reason is because chiropractic adjustments relieve tension related to a mis-aligned spine. You may have heard, “the spine is your lifeline.” It is. And even if you’re not in pain, it’s natural that tendons, muscles, and bones may be a out of alignment and causing your body stress.

5- Reduce stress – It’s tough when you’re juggling a million priorities. Yet, stress always lowers the body’s defense against things like colds and flu. So, practice deep breathing throughout the day if you can. Take a break and breathe. Remind yourself of all the good things you have in your life and breathe.

And book yourself a massage or chiropractic appointment – or better yet, both! You’ll feel better.

6Build in rest time – Remember the nap schedule when your children were small? If you’re like a lot of parents, that nap schedule dictated your entire schedule if you wanted to have happy children (and happy parents.)

That may be a thing of the distant past now but if you can assess your crowded schedule and prioritize having some quiet time, you’ll help ease the stress. Especially, if you leave your phone in another room for an hour or two. Encourage your entire family to take some time to unplug and rest the brain.

A Forbes says we touch our phones 80 times a day! For teenagers it may seem more like 80  times a minute. All that interruption makes us anxious. Why not give yourself permission to take a break from it now and again. You may be surprised at how much calmer you feel!

7-Exercise – With all the holiday shopping, wrapping, gatherings, loaded on top of regular life, it’s easy to push exercise to the bottom of the “to do” list but the truth is, you need it. If you participate in regular yoga classes or go to the gym, try to keep your schedule. It gives your brain a rest from all the other thoughts racing through it and boosts oxygen levels which boosts immunity.

These seven ways to supercharge your immune system are not earth shattering. Yet, it’s all about making them important in your day to day life so you feel your best. People with healthy wellness habits usually pick up fewer cold and flu viruses.

If you’re in Bucks County, Pa. and want boost your immunity with chiropractic care, call us at 267-247-7000, we take most insurance.