Gravity has a way of pulling things to earth, including your spine. If you have sciatica, degenerative disc disease or are simply stiff and sore from too much sitting, spinal decompression can offer you relief.

Just as it sounds, spinal decompression is a method of elongating your spine using a special computerized table. See, it takes more than 33 bones to create your spinal column. Over time, gravity compresses all those bones together.

The result is often back pain.

Three Exercises for Back Pain Relief

  1. Use an exercise ball – lie back on it and roll around gently. This helps open your shoulders and upper back which often are hunched over after hours at the computer. If you have mild back pain, this may be enough for you.
  2. Do “wall dog” – if you ever played sports, this will probably look familiar. Put your hands on the wall, step back about 3 feet and bend over until you’re parallel to the wall. Keep your back flat as you stretch out your shoulders and back.
  3. Walk – Walking on a regular basis can help strengthen your back and relieve some back pain.

Spinal Decompression Can Help You If:

  • You’ve had failed back surgery
  • You want to avoid surgery but are told you need it
  • Have tried other options (massage therapy, acupuncture, traditional chiropractic care) without the results you want

However, if you have fused discs, have osteoporosis or a recent spinal fracture, spinal decompression is not for you.

What to Expect:

Spinal Decompression ChiropractorFully clothed, you lie on a computer controlled table. The doctor straps you in and operates the computer according to your needs. You may get hot and cold therapy, electrical stimulation (this causes the muscles to contract) or ultrasound (sound therapy that generates heat).

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