Prevent Running InjuriesAh, Spring….if you’re a runner, chances are you’re eager to get off the treadmill and run outside again. Maybe you’re gearing up for one of the Spring 5K’s and need to get into top form.

Unfortunately, many runners set themselves back by weeks because they overdo it at the first sign of warm weather. Don’t be one of those!

In addition to your running and nutrition plan, a Chiropractor Castle Hill can help prevent running injuries that can set you back weeks in your training. There are multiple reasons running injuries can occur including ill-fitting shoes, overexertion, or acute injury such as a torn ligament or broken bone.

Two chronic injuries common to runners are plantar fascitis, which is a tearing (or overstretching) of the connective tissue at the bottom of the foot, and achilles tendonitis, which connects the heel with the calf muscle.

Don’t Be Sidelined with a Running Injury This Spring!

In order to protect yourself from these and other injuries, it’s important to start slow and not come bursting out of the gate like a bull in the bull ring as soon as the daffodils start poking through the ground. Slow and steady will warm up your muscles and help your body acclimate.

It’s often better to under do it at first. Err on the side of caution those first few runs.

Three Ways to Prevent Running Injuries

  1. Change It Up: When you vary your running surfaces – pavement vs. dirt or grass for instance, your body will make allowances and adjustments for each. This is beneficial because it’ll work your muscles differently. When you run the same course consistently, your muscles get used to that surface and the way you run on it which won’t vary much. This puts you at a greater risk of injury.
  2. Build Strength: You’ll also want to do regular strength training in order to build up the muscles around your joints. The muscles protect your joints and help distribute the weight so that when you run, your joints aren’t taking all the shock.
  3. Maintain Alignment: Regular chiropractic care will keep your body in alignment. Your chiropractor will adjust your spine, neck and pelvis as needed. If your spine or pelvis is out of alignment, this will put pressure on certain joints/muscles and can lead to injury. When you’re in alignment, the weight is evenly distributed and there is less risk of injury.

Dr. Jeff McQuaite is a Doylestown area chiropractor who can help you prevent running injuries this spring and he has a great new patient special.