Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Chiropractic Care During PregnancyYou know your body changes during pregnancy. As your baby grows in your belly, your posture shifts to accommodate the new weight which affects the curve in your back.

You know how you start standing differently when you’re pregnant? You probably support your lower back with your hands. That new posture affects your whole body. It can lead to a slightly raised hip or tension in your shoulders.

Your pelvis tilts too which causes other alignment issues.

All of these changes can wreak havoc on your spinal column, create pressure on nerve endings (painful!) and block your body’s communication system.

Why Does Chiropractic Care Make Such a Difference?

Because your nervous system controls everything in your body and your body is aware of the new life growing within you, it will do everything it can to make sure your baby has everything it needs.

And, rightly so.

The problem comes when your body gets thrown out of alignment. This partial dislocation– called subluxation in the chiropractor world—is the reason why you’re having lower back pain. The misalignment can cause inflammation throughout your body—including those ankles.

Plus, this dislocation blocks communication coming and going from your central nervous system. This is a problem because your brain tells every part of your body what to do. If there’s a blockage, your reflexes may be slower, you’re more forgetful and you may not be able to plan as well.

In other words, your brain slows down.

A chiropractic adjustment “puts everything back” the way it needs to be. When your spine, neck and pelvis are aligned, the channels are open in your body so the central nervous system can do its thing – sending and receiving messages.

When your “control center” is in good working order, your inflammation and stress are reduced and your pregnancy back pain may disappear.

Plus, chiropractic care during pregnancy can reduce symptoms of morning sickness, headaches and other common elements of pregnancy.