Is Chiropractic a Good Scoliosis Treatment for You?

scoliosis treatment

Can Chiropractic care be an effective scoliosis treatment?

If you’ve been diagnosed with scoliosis, you probably have questions. What is scoliosis exactly? Will you have to wear a brace, how will it affect your life, and what type of scoliosis treatment will help?

As you know, scoliosis is an abnormal spinal curve.

While the spine is meant to curve in an “s” shape down your back, someone with scoliosis usually has a more pronounced curve that goes side to side. As a result, it can make for uneven shoulders, waist or hips.

In some cases it’s very obvious.

Those of us of a certain age will remember the Judy Blume adolescent classic, Deenie. In the book, the central character was diagnosed with severe curvature of the spine and had to wear a metal brace from neck to hips. While such braces have gotten lighter over the years – they’re now plastic and a little less obvious – they’re still uncomfortable and can make people feel self-conscious.

Whether or not you or a family member needs a back brace for scoliosis treatment is between you and your doctor but when it comes to pain reduction and increased mobility, Dr. McQuaite in Doylestown, Pa. has helped many patients with scoliosis over the years.

But first, how do you get scoliosis? According to the Scoliosis Institute, there are around 4 million people with scoliosis in the U.S.

In many cases, doctors don’t know what the true cause is which is frustrating and left untreated it can continue to worsen. It CAN be linked to cerebral palsy, infections, birth defects, and other such conditions, but not always.

And, to further confound things, it’s more common in teens and pre-teens during a growth spurt, yet can also show up adults. In adults, it’s usually related to wearing out of your spinal discs and joints as you age. Ouch!

What to Expect with Scoliosis?

Depending on the extent of the curve, your doctor may recommend wearing a brace. When prescribed to teens who are still growing, it’s in hopes that it will prevent the curve from worsening.

There are adult versions too though those are light weight and can be worn for shorter periods of time.

Some doctors may recommend surgery and/or physical therapy.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help

Chiropractic treatment can’t correct or cure scoliosis, but it can help increase joint mobility and decrease pain. It’s also possible that you have other spinal issues in addition to scoliosis that can be helped with chiropractic care.

With chiropractic care as part of your scoliosis treatment plan, your chiropractor can help you find pain relief and improve your spinal mobility through a variety of tools and techniques. There’s more to chiropractic care than the traditional spinal manipulation. We also have gentle tools including electronic stimulation and a small “tapping” tool that uses a small amount of force.

If you have questions about scoliosis or other spinal concerns, stop by. Our office is in Doylestown, across from C. B. West. We offer a free consultation and take most insurance.