Spring temperatures are finally here and for many of you, that means seasonal allergies. You want to get out and enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather. However, if you’re suffering from itchy eyes, sneezing, and other allergy symptoms, then it’s not so fun.

It might sound crazy but chiropractic treatment can help you find relief from seasonal allergies.

As a natural immune booster, chiropractic has no negative side effects. However, it does soothe the nervous system and boost your overall immunity.

Unlike allergy medications that leave you groggy and fuzzy-headed, chiropractic treatments can help you feel better.

But first, what brings on those frustrating allergies? 

What Causes Spring Allergies?

Pollen is the biggest trigger of spring allergies. It’s a case of packing a major wallop into a tiny package. You probably know pollen is tiny particles whose purpose in life is to pollinate other plants. However, when it gets stirred up – by the wind, by cutting the lawn, gardening, etc. it tickles your nostril lining and causes you to sneeze.

Before long, it’s traveling in your body and sending your immune system into overdrive. Basically, an allergy attack is your body overreacting to something in your environment.

Your body overcompensates with a chemical cascade of antibodies. These are called immunoglobulin E (IgE) and they have a purpose which is to neutralize the offender. Pollen in this case.  Each antibody is quite specific. For example, it may react against certain types of pollen and not others. That’s why you might experience seasonal allergies in certain parts of the country but not all.

Even if you’ve suffered from allergies all your life, you may be able to find relief through some simple lifestyle changes.

Three Solutions to Find Natural Allergy Relief 

Neti pot – Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have recommended these for years and they’ve recently caught on in the mainstream. The reason it works is it literally cleans out your nose to rid it of pollen and other allergy triggers. Though it can take a little getting used to since it involves pouring water into your nostrils. 

You can find a neti pot at any drugstore these days.

Fish oil – You may be aware of the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids on your hair, skin, and even mental health. But did you know they can boost your immunity too? Good sources include salmon, spinach, and pine nuts.

Chiropractic care – Many people associate chiropractic care as a treatment for back pain but in actuality, it’s great for your overall health too. It can boost your body’s immune system by helping it perform at its best.  

When you get a chiropractic adjustment, it realigns your spine through a series of manipulations. This affects your entire body because your chiropractor puts tendons/muscles/bones  “back into place” so your body can communicate easier with your brain. 

As chiropractors like to say, “your spine is your lifeline.” It addresses your spring allergies at the root rather than masking symptoms like medications too. 


how chiropractic helps with seasonal allergies

Can chiropractic help with your seasonal allergies?

It’s All In Your Spine

Imagine your spine is out of alignment. This is typical if you haven’t been seeing a chiropractor. You might feel back or neck pain or not. But years of sitting in front of a computer, playing sports or other activities will take their toll on your body. The result is typically neck or spine (or both) out of alignment.

This can impact messages traveling through your body. Instead of a clear path for messages to travel back and forth from your brain to your toes and back, things get blocked. 

The scratchy eyes, runny nose, and fatigue that accompany seasonal allergies is a symptom that your body isn’t operating as well as it could. 

When your chiropractor realigns your spine, any pinched nerves or out-of-whack bones are put back into place opening up those pathways. 

This gives your body relief because it’s not trying to compensate for them. When you think of your whole body working together it makes sense. Each muscle, tendon, and bone connects to another and stems from the spinal column in some manner. Therefore, if you have a pinched nerve in your shoulder your body is working hard to protect the area around it.

This overcompensation in one area can lead to weakness in another.

Regular chiropractic treatments put everything back in place. You get both pain relief and allergy relief.

Are you in the Central Bucks County area and ready for relief from seasonal allergies? If so, Dr. Jeff McQuaite has a great introductory offer for new patients. Book your appointment today and enjoy Spring without the headache and sniffles.