If you’ve ever said (or thought), “you’re getting on my nerves,” you might be onto something. In all seriousness, when something presses on your nerve, it does hurt. And, while your relatives can’t actually press your nerves, another body part can.

That’s what causes a pinched nerve. Usually brought on by repetition, people suffer with pinched nerves because bones, tendons, or cartilage is out of place. These other body parts press on the nerve and compress it. It causes tingling and pain. You might even find yourself wincing as you hit the tennis ball or the letters on the keyboard.

The Raw Facts of a Pinched Nerve

When you think about it makes sense. Just as a pinch of your skin can hurt, pinched nerves are really quite similar. However, instead of fingers compressing skin together, it’s cartilage, tendons, bone, or muscles that cause the pinching. Something is out of alignment. They’re usually found in your upper or lower back or your neck. However, you can also have a pinched nerve in your leg or buttock.

Pinched Nerve
Then again, it may not be painful, but exhibit other symptoms.

4 Symptoms of Pinched Nerves

  1. Tingling (like when your foot falls asleep)
  2. Numbness
  3. Shooting pain when you exercise or engage in the activity that’s causing it (such as typing)
  4. Muscle weakness (loss of grip strength for example.)

Sometimes, rest and over-the-counter remedies eliminate the pain. Regular stretches can help too. For computer warriors, ergonomically friendly desks and chairs will help keep you from hunching over. Also, being aware of your posture and standing (or sitting) up straight can help because slouching and hunching over knocks your body out of alignment which can make pinched nerve pain worse.

The causes of a pinched nerve usually stem from things like an accident, repetitive stress injury, being overweight, or rheumatoid arthritis. While the causes can be different, the pain is the same and you deserve to feel better.

Why Surgery Isn’t Always the Answer 

If you are in pain with your pinched nerve you’re not alone. One statistic says 31 days a year of work are lost to pain around pinched nerves and carpal tunnel. That’s a lot of time in pain! Besides the recovery time and general anxiety of surgery for a pinched nerve, it’s not always effective. In fact, many patients find themselves undergoing surgery more than once to try to alleviate their pain. You probably don’t want to do that and there’s no requirement to do it.

Massage therapy, chiropractic care, and yoga can help you be pain-free without surgery. Better yet, unlike surgery and pills, chiropractic care can help your body to heal itself! Because these methods help your body return to its natural state of health.

In Doylestown, Pa. Dr. Jeff McQuaite can help you reduce your pinched nerve pain.  He’ll start with an x-ray to see inside your body and then talk with you about your options. It’s wonderful to skip the surgery and relieve your pain! Schedule your appointment today and get on the path to feeling your best.