Landmark Study Finds Solution to Back Pain is On the Table

Back Pain Relief Is on the TableIf you’re one of 31 million Americans who suffer from back pain each year, you’ll be excited by recent findings. SPINE Journal reports a 9-month study found participants experienced a significant decrease in their back pain with only one month of chiropractic treatments.

The study followed 60 patients suffering from chronic lower back pain for a minimum of six months. One group got no treatment though they thought they did (sham treatment), group two had 12 treatments for one month but no more, and the third group had 12 treatments for one month followed by 2x a month for 9 months.

“To determine any difference among therapies, we measured pain and disability scores, generic health status, and back-specific patient satisfaction at baseline and at 1-, 4-, 7-, and 10-month intervals.”

The second group reported significantly less pain and disability. Remember, they only had 12 treatments for one month. However, at the 10-month evaluation, their pain and disability levels had slipped to pre-study levels.

Not surprisingly, the third group reported the best results at the 10-month evaluation. Remember, they had 12 treatments in a month followed by 2x a month for the next 9 months.

These results show regular chiropractic treatments reduce chronic back pain without drugs and without surgery.

Good Posture and Sleeping/Sitting Support Helps Too 

Good posture protects your back too. If you strengthen your core with yoga, pilates, barre, or other exercises, you’ll also strengthen your lower back.

Add a supportive pillow, mattress, and work-station so your body is supported in its best posture whether you’re sleeping or awake. Whether you sleep on your side, stomach, or back, there are a variety of different pillows out there to support your neck. It’s worth discussing the best type of pillow for your back pain and sleeping habits with your chiropractor.

Quick Results are Possible

Other studies show spinal manipulation is an excellent back pain solution. Many patients with chronic lower back pain achieve quicker results than standard physical therapy practices alone.

Our Therapy is Different

In fact, you might find yourself more productive and enjoying greater mobility after such treatment. One professional writer who suddenly found it painful to type stemming from back pain got relief after just two sessions.

The secret is in the follow-up. As the study shows, consistent treatments realign the body which reduces your pain. When you think about it, it makes sense. If your back pain is caused by years of poor posture or an accident, it won’t be gone overnight. Though many people do find relief within their first visits.

If back pain is holding you back from going about your day-to-day life, you might also want to consider chiropractic care. It’s a safe and natural approach to back pain relief.

How about you? Are you ready to see if chiropractic treatments can help your chronic back pain? Dr. Jeff McQuaite is a Doylestown Chiropractor who offers free consultations. Book yours today.