chiropractic care after a car accident
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One of the things people don’t always realize is how damaging car accidents can be to your body. Even it seems “minor” and there’s only a little dent in your fender, your body is likely out of alignment.

Think about it, if you’ve ever hit a large pothole, you know how much that can damage your car alignment. It’s no different with your physical body.

You can get out at the scene of the accident and feel fine at the time. But in the next day or two, you might start feeling achy. This is not unusual. In fact, you may not even connect it to your car accident if it’s several days later.

That’s why it’s a good idea to seek chiropractic treatment as well as a car accident lawyer Brooksville FL after a car accident. Let’s say you were rear-ended by a car going 5 miles an hour. You have a dent in your fender but otherwise everything seems fine.

Yet, that impact is strong enough to cause whiplash and other painful injuries. If this describes the injuries you sustained in your accident, consider contacting a personal injury lawyer in houston.

Factors in Possible Car Accident Injuries Include:

· The type of vehicle

· Angle it hit you

· How fast it hit you

· Your vehicle

· The location of your headrest in location to your head

· Did you tense in anticipation or was it a surprise? (Surprise car accidents can cause injury to your ligaments whereas if you tense up, the injury is more likely to be in your muscles.)

· other factors all go into whether your body sustained injury.

Chiropractic Treatment after a Car Accident is a Good Idea

Just like your car may need realignment your body needs realignment. Especially, after an accident. It’s not uncommon for your ligaments and muscles to be out of place , and a chiropractic adjustment will put everything back where it needs to be. In our Doylestown office, we can run an Xray to see if there’s any reason to for concern and you can relax on a table with stem cell therapy before your adjustment. Most of our patients love this therapeutic experience that feels like a mini massage. But its always a good idea to have a Georgia Medical Malpractice Lawyer at hand in case you have any issues with a Chiropractor.

Your insurance may cover all or part of your treatment.

If you have a car accident, please don’t delay seeking chiropractic treatment. You deserve to feel good.