wellness chiropractor
Feel your best with wellness chiropractic care

“Wellness” is more than a trendy buzzword.

It’s a proactive approach to your health by eating healthy food, getting regular exercise and ideally, seeing your chiropractor on a regular basis to keep you functioning at your optimal capacity.

Does that surprise you?

A wellness chiropractor can boost your immune system, reduce stress, and generally help you feel your best all the times. That may sound like a tall order but research shows that being proactive about your health can help you stay healthy rather than “fixing” it when your sick or in pain.

Wellness chiropractic care can also improve your nervous system which helps your body operate at its best.

How Your Nervous System Affects Your Health

Many people don’t think much about their nervous system. Yet, those 46 miles of nerves that run through the human body carry thousands of messages all day. From walking down the hall without thinking about it, to tasting the freshly ground black pepper on your pasta, the nervous system runs the whole show.

People who’ve lost their sense of smell or have paralyzed limbs have lost the nerve function in that part of their bodies.

The nervous system is like a giant internal “superhighway.” However, if there are blocks or traffic jams like a pinched nerve or disc, then you can feel pain.

The accumulation of everyday stress also disrupts your nerve function which may show up as high blood pressure, physical pain, or a low immune system.

Yet, a wellness chiropractor puts everything back in place with a few simple adjustments.

For many, that means you feel better, stand straighter, and even have internal improvements like enhanced blood flow which makes everything in your body work better.

That’s the benefit of a regular wellness visit. Because chiropractic care treats the cause, not the symptom.

How Chiropractic Care Affects Your Nervous System

It’s perfectly normal to experience partial dislocations in your body. This what which is what chiropractors call “subluxations.” These subluxations occur from severe impacts like a fall or from habits like bad posture or an accumulation of stress. They can be very painful, especially when they’re ignored for a long time.

In fact, virtually any back, neck, or shoulder pain is because of a spinal misalignment or “subluxation.”

However, chiropractic adjustments re-align your spinal column and help everything find its proper place again. That means, your nervous system can flow freely again, carrying its messages throughout your body helping you feel your best.

The difference between “wellness” care and crises care is the difference between taking care of yourself on a regular basis and only seeking healthcare when you’re sick or are experiencing pain.

If you’re in the Doylestown, Pa area, Dr. Jeff McQuaite is a successful wellness chiropractor. He works with people of all ages from infants to the elderly to help them feel their best.