McQuaite Chiropractic Thank you so much for voting us Best of Bucks in 2017! It’s a true honor.

We enjoy helping you relieve back and neck pain, relieve headaches, asthma, and in general, helping you feel great.

For fun, we decided to ask some of you what makes you choose McQuaite Chiropractic for your chiropractic care and here’s what you said.

Want to add your reasons why? There’s room for you in the comments!



Here are 7 Reasons Why You Voted for Us: (Based on Testimonials) 

1—Friendly, attentive staff – We believe in great customer service and our friendly staff is part of providing you with a great experience. We’re glad you noticed!

2—Flexible Schedule – It’s important for you to come in when it’s convenient for you and when you’re in pain. That’s why we make every effort to accommodate you and yes, we even take walk-ins.

For instance, there was that one time when a patient called early in the morning after hurting his back. While there’s never a good time for pain, he was on his way to a wedding. We were able to get him in and relieve his back pain in just a few minutes so he could be on his way and have a great weekend.

3— Effective, All-Natural Pain Relief – The great thing about chiropractic care is that it can treat and heal the problem rather than simply masking the problem like drugs do. Plus, there are no harmful side effects like many medications.

4 – Free Consultation – Our motto is, “Old Fashioned care and concern in a modern world.” That means, we want you to feel better AND feel heard. We offer a free consultation to discuss your health concerns and answer any questions.

We want you to feel comfortable so please, schedule a time to come in and ask them. There’s no commitment on your part.

5- Thorough Exam – We want to get to the source of your pain and get you feeling better as soon as possible. To do that, Dr. Jeff will go over your medical history with you and run X-rays to see what’s going on inside. After all, health starts on the inside.

Best of Bucks McQuaite Chiropractor6—State-of-the-art Equipment  — Like our digital x-ray machine which reduces your exposure to radiation by 75%. Plus, since they process faster than traditional X-rays, it helps you get back to your life quicker.

“To see is to know, and we won’t guess about your health.” The digital x-ray machine gives a clear view of your spine. Many of our patients are amazed at how well they can see the source of their pain.

7– Great Massage Therapist – Regular chiropractic care readjusts your bones, muscles, and ligaments in their rightful places which relieve stress, massage therapy also relieves muscle stress. One supports the other to help you say, “…Ah…” with relief.

Thank you for voting us Best of Bucks Chiropractor!