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Get Checked for Whiplash and Avoid
The Painful Symptoms of a Car Accident Injury

It all happens so fast. You are sitting in your car at a red light in Bucks County and then WHAM! You are rear ended by another vehicle. When this happens you need to make sure you get a lawyer (you could check out someone like, as they might be able to help you get the compensation that you deserve. While your vehicle may be covered by someone like One Sure Insurance, a big collision can have a much more damaging impact on you. The sudden, unexpected accident that caused your whiplash may fade into memory, but the physical and psychological damage of whiplash can be chronic, severely affecting your quality of life. There’s a lot of Common Neck and Back injuries from Car Accidents that people might experience. This is why there are a load of lawyers who specialise in this sort of thing so that they can easily help you out.

Over 25% of people who have an auto accident injury don’t make a full recovery. That means that they live with some ongoing pain or disability related to their injury.

Whiplash is the classic neck injury that is most commonly caused by automobile accidents. If you’re in Doylestown Pa and are looking for a car accident doctor, come in and get checked out.

Here’s How Whiplash Happens

When the head is pulled forward and yanked backwards as in an auto accident, the immense stress affects the neck causing whiplash. The weight of the head is considerable compared to the size of the muscles used to control it. When the head is suddenly whipped in a violent manner, the muscles of the neck are inadequate to support the movement associated with the gravitational g-force pull.

Here are the Results Of Whiplash

Some of the typical results of a Doylestown whiplash injury are ligament damage, pinched nerves, muscle tearing, spasms and back problems.

Whiplash can become a painful, chronic problem if not treated. A lot of people make the error of judging the type of injury to their body, based on the impact force or the total amount of car damage. This isn’t good thinking.

Angle and speed of impact, whether you’re wearing a seatbelt and your head position are all factors in whether or not you feel pain after a fender-bender. Some people experience a lot of pain after a “minor” accident while others feel nothing after their car is totaled by a vehicle traveling at 65mph.

It is a common myth that Doylestown whiplash and other injuries can only occur as a result of high speed auto accidents.

In reality, many people experience symptoms after minor accidents. Symptoms of whiplash may occur at the time, or they may occur days, weeks or even many months later. So it’s important to pay attention to your body.

Symptoms of Whiplash

Whiplash can cause many problems including painful headaches, muscle spasms, pain in the shoulders, dizziness, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), arm pain and tingling, insomnia, and the most common, neck pain. The chronic pain of whiplash can destroy a patient’s quality of life, resulting in the chance of depression. Misaligned vertebrae in the neck are a common problem associated with whiplash. If treatment is not obtained, these vertebrae will remain misaligned, which will cause chronic neck pain, loss of motion, headaches and arthritis in the future.

Chiropractic Care For Whiplash

A study done in Canada, published in 1998, looked at approximately 10,000 people with neck injuries; the conclusion from the study was that treatment like chiropractic manipulations are necessary for recovery from whiplash.

The study also determined that “accepted” treatments like muscle relaxers, neck collars, immobilization, and all the rest were not helpful for a whiplash victim.

There are two additional studies, Journal of Orthopedic Medicine, 1999; and Injury, 1996; which reported the superiority of Doylestown chiropractic management for patients with chronic whiplash, as well as which type of chronic whiplash patients responded best to the care. The research paper begins with the comment stating, “Conventional [meaning medical] treatment of patients with whiplash symptoms is disappointing.”

These studies are very important as they illustrate how effective going to an auto accident doctor is for patients who have sustained a motor vehicle crash with a resulting whiplash injury.

Most important, you could ease painful symptoms of whiplash and feel yourself again. Why not come in for a consultation and feel better?

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